Mr SorbⓇ Absorbent

Fast, simple & inexpensive

  • 100% organic and environmentally friendly
  • Can be used on most types of spills
  • Very light weight – 50 liters weighs only 4 kg
  • Very easy to handle
  • The product is hydrophobic, meaning it can be used to collect spills in water
  • The costs for waste management are reduced by approximately 50%

Customers say:

This absorbent is absolutely incredible! It weighs practically nothing, it’s easy to work with, it soaks up all spills in a short time and there’s no mess left behind.”

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Mr Sorb Absorbent


Low weight, very easy to handle


Consists of 100% natural, modified fibers


Sustainability is key in all our products

Five reasons to choose Mr Sorb

The weight of the product is much less compared to traditional absorbents. A 50 liter bag only weighs 4 kg! Handling is simple, fast and effective – spread, brush, remove.

Mr Sorb - låg vikt

Completely ecologic and environmentally friendly absorbent, which can be used on most types of spills. 100% organic.

Mr Sorb - ekologisk

Low total cost of waste management (cleanup and landfill). The product can be reused until it is saturated with e.g. oil. The waste management costs are reduced by approximately 50%.

Mr Sorb - låg spillkostnad

The waste formed after clean-up can be incinerated, which results in low waste costs.

Mr Sorb - kan förbrännas

The product is hydrophobic which means it can be used to collect spills in water.

Mr Sorb - hydrofob

See how the product works



We are a company founded in 2016 with a passion for the environment and a desire to contribute to a more sustainable world. Our revolutionary spill solution is made from plant material and can absorb up to 10 times its own weight! We have developed a natural product that is 100% bio based, compostable and non-toxic – making it the most environmentally friendly product on the market.

Our products are designed to be easy to use and can be used on land and even in water. They can handle all types of oil and chemical spills with high efficiency, making them the perfect choice for industrial companies looking for an environmentally friendly spill solution.

But it’s not just the products that make us the greenest choice. Our environmental impact during manufacturing is minimal and we are constantly working on development to make our processes even more sustainable. We are fully committed to make a real difference to the environment and we believe that every company and individual can do their part to contribute to a more sustainable world.

If you want to make a real difference to the environment, choose Mr Sorb – the most effective, natural and environmentally friendly choice for waste management.

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